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July 02, 2009

And he didn’t get there by crying in Argentina

Karl Mona Malden Funny the way things work, isn't it? Just when marriages seem to be falling apart left and right, when some are predicting or even calling for the destruction of the institution, along comes a gentle reminder that the death of marriage has been greatly exaggerated.

With the news of the death of acting great Karl Malden, God rest him, came the news that Karl and his wife, Mona, had been married 70 years.

Seventy years.

Thank God, some couples still have it.

(Image © David Livingston for Getty Images)

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RIP Karl Malden. I grew up watching "The Streets of San Francisco." I think Malden as Father Barry delivered the greatest sermon in cinema history in "On the Waterfront."

"Boys, this is my church!"


Malden retrospective on TCM tomorrow:


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