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July 01, 2009

Daily roundup

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"Partnership right sin place for gay couples by end of year [in Ireland]"

"Partnership rights in place for gay couples by end of year [in Ireland]"

Gina, you're an absolute marvel: even your typos / Freudian slips are inspired! ;-)

Gina Dalfonzo

Oh, dear!

jason taylor

To assume the preaching of universal love did not come until after Jesus' death is begging the question. If it is true then Jesus approved of it and in any case many of his actions give implications of it.

As for the "scariness" of apocolyptic prophesy well that is true. To my mind the chief danger from focusing to much is that it leads to superstition and worse unaesthetic and even uncharitable(no Obama is probably not the Antichrist. Sorry.)superstition. The fact that it is "scary" is not so much of a problem. Any worldview that does not have something "scary" about it is simply a worldview that no one will cling to longer then it takes for a pogram to be directed against it.

To make yet another Serenity reference(though perhaps you are getting tired of it)the lesson to draw from the movie was not "individualism", for no individual can be stronger then a collective. The bad guys were defeated by brotherly love and by honor which was as even the villain admitted "something far more dangerous." That is a point many don't get. You can't fight something with nothing and a worldview that is never "scary" is easily a worldview that cannot be respected. Which is itself scary.

Rolley Haggard

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