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July 01, 2009

Abortion and Premature Births

Canadian columnist Barbara Kay recently posted this article on the proven medical link between induced abortions (IA) and an increased risk of preterm births (PTB) in future pregnancies. As she points out, the long-term health risks for women who have had abortions (and for their future children) are known, but pro-abortion supporters prefer to keep this information to themselves. Here's her conclusion: 

"Given the accessibility of these studies to abortion providers, if I were the mother of a post-IA, PTB infant or toddler with autism or cerebral palsy, and had not been informed as a matter of regulatory course of IA's risk for a future PTB, I'd be angry. Litigiously so." 

Perhaps these women will go beyond personal lawsuits: perhaps they'll get angry enough to become pro-life and help us bring an end to the abortion genocide.

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Unfortunately the same lack of concern for consequenses that gets the young woman pregnant in the first place will probably help her to not consider the consequenses of her abortion. In other words, we keep telling them that if you have sex you can get pregnant (and much worse!) but they don't think it'll happen to them. Now if we tell them there are long range complications from abortion they will use the same thought process (or lack thereof) and go ahead and do what seems expedient at the moment. Sad.


A big KEY to lots of longterm problems (or - conversely - good things)is - what choices the teenage to young couples make.

This includes the young male too.

But what are the older adults doing to FULLY INFORM the young on ALL the possible consequences of having sex and conceiving a child???

---But I doubt abortion clinics are disclosing the possible and probable risks of abortion.

Anyone know of ANY colleges/universities are providing this health risk info to young women AND young men in either their info literature, or in their crisis pregnancy counseling ...

---I wonder how many women who've gone in to get an abortion first got ANY kind of health risk counseling at the abortion clinic?????

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