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June 30, 2009

Jack Black, Nietzschean

Jack Black The star of Year One is into that whole "superman vs. the slave mentality" thing. I hope to goodness someone clues him in.

(Image © Columbia Pictures)

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jason taylor

Well, to be fair a connection with Guess Who is not necessarily a condemnation. He also loved his dog.

Still in this case the connection is so well known and so close that one might wonder.

But celebrities are always more then a little ditzy.

Ben W

Also, the article didn't give the impression that this was deep, well-thought out philosophical positions of Black's. More like something he was saying off the cuff to be funny. I don't think I've ever heard Black give a serious position on anything, come to think of it.

So basically what Jason said, but more because Black's a comic than because he's necessarily shallow.

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