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June 15, 2009

Welcome a new blogger

Amanda Bush is interning with BreakPoint this summer. Her bio will be up soon on the contributors' page -- though all you really need to know is that she adds another voice to the pro-Dickens forces among us. :-) Please join me in welcoming Amanda to The Point!

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Jim D.


Amanda Bush

Thanks! I'm glad to be here.

jason taylor

Any relation?

Amanda Bush

I'm related to alot of people...but that isn't what you are asking is it? :)


Ah, Amanda, we love you already. ;-) That kind of answer could be deeply philosophical ("I'm descended from a long line of married people"), snarky (see previous example), or evasive - the kind of answer someone raised in a political lineage might give, especially since you didn't actually answer the question...

So welcome to The Point - I see you'll fit right in!

I now yield the floor, in the hope that Jason's recitation from memory of the genealogy from Japheth to POTUS 41, with insightful asides, will be consise so I can quickly absorb it. (If I wanted to listen to someone hold forth while I relaxed on the beach, JT, you'd be my first choice - if you were fictional.)

Jason Taylor

Well fortunatly I am not fictional Lee. Though that does sound like some sort of new-agey, mystical paradox.

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