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June 03, 2009

’Up,’ Up and Away

Still-from-Disney-Pixars--001 I wish that I had time to fully analyze the profound and hilarious insights of the new movie Up. And I wish that I could discuss all of the reasons that Pixar is the best movie production team in America, encapsulating all that is right in telling a good story.

But in the meantime, WORLD Magazine and Christianity Today both offer great reviews of the film, which has been almost universally praised by Christian and secular critics alike. And rightly so.

That Pixar can consistently create such believable, admirable, and likable characters is quite the accomplishment, especially amidst the inevitable pressure to bow to cheap humor and marketing gimmicks. I'm sure the movies aren't perfect -- but they're not too far off.

(Image © Pixar)

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Gina Dalfonzo

Another good review, from Lileks (scroll down a little):


I just might have to go see this!


It is a great movie. Definitely bring a hanky for the first few minutes, and the last few. Note well that it's rated PG before you bring your preschooler. It also doesn't scrimp on adult drama, even moreso than most Pixar offerings.

I actually laughed out loud at one scene stolen from a famous painting.

My family enjoyed it tremendously, yet I still came away a tiny bit melancholy, missing Dr. Steve and our fun with squirrels.

We saw it in 3-D; not sure it's worth it.

Travis Mc

Yes, the scene from the painting was too funny! And yet another one of Pixar's subtle touches that make their movies adult-friendly, even if the joke goes over kids' heads.

I saw the movie in 2D in a theater with a bunch of obnoxious teenagers talking through the whole thing -- but it was still great. (Plus, I figured, there were a lot of worse films they could be watching.)

Kim Moreland

Is there violence? I was thinking of taking my 3 1/2 year-old grandson.


The rating states "some peril and action". It's rather like "Finding Nemo", which itself has scenes where someone's life is clearly in jeopardy, but in this case the scenes are slightly more scary, I would think.

There's one scene of actual violence, early on, and a later scene of a fight.

I'd say that most of the movie would be beyond a 3.5-year-old's understanding.

You might seek out someone afraid of heights, and go with her... ;-)


Just saw it last night in 3D. Impressive, even if you still need those funny glasses!
I would agree with LeeQuod. It's probably better for kids who are a little older than 3 or 4. I was afraid of dogs at that age and this movie would have made that fear worse.
But, this is a good movie. Good story, well told, nice use of technology but the tech stuff really takes a back seat to the telling of the story. In my book that's the way it should be!

Ron N.

I love Chuck Colson, and I really believe that God has anointed him as a modern day prophet. I saw "Up" last night and loved it. Has anyone noticed the similarities in appearance between Chuck Colson and the movie's main character Mr. Fredrickson? Amazing really. Check it out.

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