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June 01, 2009

Down the rabbit hole

Alice03thTed Olson is suing to overturn the Prop. 8 ruling in California (along with former Bush v. Gore opponent David Boles) . . .

. . . and Ted Rall wants President Obama to resign.

There are days when I feel exactly like Alice.

(Image courtesy of Project Gutenberg)

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Mike D'Virgilio

I really don't get this. "The rights of all citizens"? That's his rationale for doing this? Since when do "all citizens" have the "right" to marry? How can otherwise intelligent people, especially supposedly conservative intelligent people, be so stupid?


When Ted Rall starts channeling Jonah Goldberg, while Jonah's still alive no less, it's as if the universe has folded in on itself and "far, far Left" means "Right".

But since I usually read this blog early in the mornings West Coast time, I'm getting lots of practice at believing half a dozen impossible things before breakfast...

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