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June 12, 2009

’Our Father...’

Since I'm attending my older son's college graduation this week, this news item caught my eye. I watched the video, and laughed. I was pleased that the school principal showed respect, even though he was clearly taken by surprise by students loudly and gleefully (you can see some of them grinning in anticipation just before they disrupt their graduation ceremony) reciting the Lord's Prayer.

The ACLU had bulled the school into forbidding graduates to pray or say anything of a religious nature at their ceremony. The result: the ACLU ended up getting far more religious speech than they would have had they not attempted to shut religious graduates up in the first place.

The ACLU, which always gets its knickers in a twist when it doesn't get its own way, was spluttering with outrage at this unseemly outburst of free speech. However, their response to the noisy graduates (whose "crime" was, in effect, telling the ACLU where to get off) was disturbing. ACLU attorney Benjamin Stevenson said, "Something should have been done to stop the recitation of the Lord's Prayer." The recitation took, what--about 20 seconds? What did the guardians of free speech expect school authorities to do? Stand by with clubs just in case somebody said the wrong thing?

Kinda reminds you of the Gestapo, doesn't it?

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Jason Taylor

Actually it doesn't remind me of the Gestapo. It reminds me of extremely petulant people being petulant which is not the same thing at all. The Gestapo is an entirely different thing.

Diane Singer

I love the way they chose to "obey God and not man"! This is exactly the kind of civil disobedience we need more of.


THERE'S HOPE! I hope I'm still around when these young people come in to the job market - I'd hire all of them if I could.


Diane wrote: " This is exactly the kind of civil disobedience we need more of."

An imprimatur from an English teacher for ending sentences with a preposition - hallelujah! Winston Churchill ("This is the kind of nonsense up with which I will not put!") would be delighted.


(And I know I'm setting myself up to have every future comment grammatically scrutinized to the nth degree, and I'll completely deserve it. But sometimes they're pitched high and outside, and ya gotta swing at 'em...)

Rolley Haggard

Reminds me of the 10th grade student who was chosen to conjugate the verb “smell” in front of the whole class. What a memorable occasion.

Under the hyper-critical eye of the teacher and 25 unsympathetic fellow classmates, he nervously began his doomed objective.

“Smell”, he stuttered…. (he got that right, but it was all downhill from there)….

”Smole”, he continued….”and, and……..”


At least he didn’t choke.

P.S. LeeQuod – “berserk” is spelled with an “s”, not a “z”. http://thepoint.breakpoint.org/2009/05/matters-of-faith.html?cid=6a00d8341c635553ef01156fa9a99f970c#comment-6a00d8341c635553ef01156fa9a99f970c



Come, come, Rolley - we have only a brief window until Gina (or more pointedly, Anne) asks what this has to do with religious expression at high school graduation. I mean, catching me misspelling one word that is often written that way by others is good, but penny ante. Why not go for the way I over use the same word, over and over? (Or my habit of making parenthetical statements that aren't really parenthetical, but merely sotto voce?) Add in my use of dashes, doublequotes and ellipses, and I think you have a "target-rich environment"...

The only tenuous connection I can find here to the original topic is something about defying authority in an academic setting.

In a possibly futile attempt to placate Anne, and to show some solidarity with Diane after I've gone and razzed her, I'll point out the irony of the actions of the American Civil *what* Union.

Rolley Haggard

But on the serious side, these students’ brave actions put me in mind of the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn – “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. One word of truth outweighs the world.”

In response to their recitation, I daresay millions of kindred spirits in relative obscurity are resonating with much more than the all-too-often-perfunctory, “amen.” I know this one is.

jason taylor

Actually to some degree the ACLU is more the Liberal Civil Liberties Union then American in general.

Traditionalists from other religions often have less objection to such things then the more "hip". This is partly because traditionalists often find themselves as political allies. And partly because in a strange sort of "only in America" way they can recognize a fellow spirit. Sort of like the Welsh and the Zulus singing to each other in the movie Zulu("Men of Harlech...").

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