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June 11, 2009

Security guard dies in Holocaust Museum shooting

Stephen Johns As you may have seen in the updated Post article at my original post, security guard Stephen Johns has died after being shot in the chest at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. R.I.P. Please be in prayer for his family.

(Image © AP/U.S. Holocaust Museum)

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I heard an interesting question posed on the radio this morning: What would you do if you were one of the doctors or nurses tending to the gunman right now? And what if you were a Jew or an African American? What grace that would take!

In some ways it seems like sticking it to the guy to treat him with the kindness and care he surely wouldn't show to them. It's like saying, "I'm defying your worldview by fighting for your life."

Just something to mull over.


Hello to some of you -
who are on the new list of "usual suspects" in this horrible murder!!!

Already saw an article on AOL which is linking the April 09 Napolitano memo "usual suspects" to this racist murderer.

That means YOU - if you are a vet, a pro life person, or similar.


PS I am also a suspect since I am pro life.

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