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June 11, 2009

Re: Witch hunts

The-princess-and-the-frog Kim, that explains a lot. Including this article (previously linked in a Daily Roundup). Maybe we need to start a quota system for Disney and Pixar heroines to ensure that they all have the (1) right career, (2) right race, (3) right attitude, and (4) submissive boyfriend of the (5) right race.

You'd think some women could find something better to do with their time -- like standing up for teenage girls who become the targets of sexual jokes on national television. Oh, wait, that wouldn't be politically correct.

(Image © Disney)

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Well, hallelujah.


Jason Taylor

One of the few things that Christian Conservatives and Radical Feminists aggree on is that Some Men Are Creepy.



That was my reaction when Big Hollywood printed the story of NOW defending Willow Palin.

NOW agreeing with their pro-life foe, Sarah Palin, is yet another reminder of God's sovereignty over human affairs.


Regarding the "Princess and the Frog" debate, that is also more complex than it appears. Sure, there are self-appointed Black activists like the NAACP leadership who rail against "racist" cartoons like "Princess" while ignoring Black girls raped by pedophiles.

Then, there is blogger Gina McCauley (What About Our Daughters?). Yes, McCauley questions if the title character of "Princess" will be a positive Black role model (Click link and scroll down).


However, the main purpose of her blog is to highlight and then direct aid to Black women and girls who are victims of crimes ignored by the NAACP. The Dunbar Village case is an example:


In short, it is possible for an activist to help real women instead of just criticizing un-PC cartoons.

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