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June 18, 2009

President Obama Thwarts a Terrorist Attack

President Obama thwarted the attack while he was conducting an interview on CNBC. At first he tried diplomacy by saying, "Get out of here." When that didn't work, he resorted to violence, while the camera was still rolling.

Okay, it really wasn't a terrorist attack, but the way mainstream media is fawning all over the President, you'd think that's what he did.

But not everyone is happy. The PETA folks were in shock. They couldn't believe their admired President had killed a helpless animal. They thought he should have continued his diplomacy effort.

Of course, the Democrats blamed President Bush for introducing the fly into the studio, while Nancy Pelosi, in a hastily called news conference, blamed the CIA for lying to her about whether the fly had any WMDs on it. She also said Americans don't torture flies.*

Despite all of the hoopla, President Obama was quite pleased with himself and said, "That was pretty impressive, wasn't it?"

So look out, Bin Laden. We have a President that will smack you down.

*Not really.

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Benjamin Ady

Your "* not really" is perfect =)


Dennis, the PETA statement does not rise to the level of "shock". You are being provocative, which can be amusing. However, I didn't think that is what the Point is about - is it?

Dennis Babish

Benjamin: The credit for that goes to Gina as she edited it into my article. However I do wish I had thought of it.
David: Let me clarify. I had written the article before PETA responded to what Obama did. Secondly this is under humor and I was saying it tongue in cheek.

Now let's all go out and purchase, for a mere $8.00, PETA's Katcha Bug™ Humane Bug Catcher and see how many flies it attracts to your house. :)

Gina Dalfonzo

No problem, Dennis -- I'm glad you don't mind it. I was just thinking that one has to take the humor-impaired into account. :-)

Jason Taylor

How did he go about it? The way I learned it from a readers digest article was to clap your hands about an inch above and have an inch behind because flies always jump backwards. While it will be slightly messy it can make for a fairly sure kill.

Flies though not very smart are quite quick. It is nice to know that Obama was that dextrous.

One wonders though what PETA was expecting. Do they think Obama is the first Jain President?

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