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June 10, 2009

No Christians Allowed

An evangelical group has been severely restricted in its ministry in a low-income housing area in Tulsa, something it's been doing for more than 20 years. They can come and "play games" with the children and talk about "moral things," but they have been forbidden to mention God or Jesus Christ -- conditions identical to those I experienced as a short-term missionary in Russia and Belarus in the late 1990s.

Is it my imagination, or are these attacks against Christians in America becoming more common?

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Benjamin Ady

I'm going to go with your imagination for $100 =)


Yeah, it's your imagination. It was way way more frequent about a hundred years ago. Christians just started getting more and more mad about it in the last thirty years or so. Christian media hypes it more now than ever. So maybe not your imagination I guess. More likely your choice of media.

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