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June 10, 2009

More Racing for Prisoners’ Kids

Runningshoes I’ve always thought “Wow, these Pointificators are a smart bunch … and fun too!” And with the outpouring of giving toward Prison Fellowship’s Storybook Dads program last month -- I hoped to raise $100 via my race … and you delivered $266!! -- I also realized “Wow, they’re generous too!”

Well, Joe, Zoe, Ron, CreationWaits, Dennis and YouKnowWhoYouAre, you were absolute heroes for my race. Again, thank you SO much.

Now, may I come back to The Point and ask our many dear friends for help again?

Those of you who enjoy reading The Point, first, may I again tell you how much we enjoy conversing with you? And may I also ask you to give to fellow blog contributors Karen Williams and Travis McShirley? They, too, are running to raise funds for Storybook Dads, a Prison Fellowship program that helps build the bonds between incarcerated fathers and their children.

Karen’s site is here. Travis’s site is here.

Karen is Team Prison Fellowship’s star. When Karen hits the afterburners, watch out. Although Team Prison Fellowship currently boasts six runners (we’re just starting up), five of us know that we are merely vying for second place to Karen.

Travis is our newcomer to running. And, more power to him, Travis cranks out the miles, no matter how long they feel. (I refuse to believe that his diet, half of which seems to be Sun Chips, provides him with his impressive stamina … but I can’t rule it out either.)

Anyhow, we are all running for Prison Fellowship this year. More than that, we are running so that prisoners might be able to love their children through Storybook Dads. And to thereby love their children as God commands. So that God might be honored in these families’ lives.

So please support Karen and Travis … and help change the lives of struggling prisoners’ children!

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Dennis Babish

Thanks for this item.
Kids need to be encouraged to read in this day and age.
So all you regulars and occasional commenters, I bet you like to read, so make Karen and Travis run harder and contribute.

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