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June 23, 2009

Jon (minus) Kate + 8

Gosselins It's official: Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce. However, they evidently have no plans to discontinue their show: they'll just tape their segments with the kids separately.

Though I have seen only a few of the episodes, I find the news of the Gosselins' impending divorce a cause to grieve -- for these children and for this couple, who seem to think wealth and fame are more important than marriage and family. How I wish Jon and Kate would turn off the cameras, get into marriage counseling, and -- for the sake of their eight children -- act like adults rather than glory hounds.

One thing for certain, I won't be watching any of the "post-divorce" episodes: I can't imagine there being any entertainment value in watching Jon and Kate break the hearts of their children. Pray for them.

(Image © TLC)

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Gina Dalfonzo

True story: As I was publishing this post, Brad Paisley's "Celebrity" came on the radio.


Seems fitting.

Steve (SBK)

I agree Diane. I haven't watched any of these shows (rarely watching TV in the first place, so reality TV is way down the list). A few weeks ago, I saw a few facebook friends saying they were rooting for Kate or Jon (the context being one or the other) and I wasn't sure a)what that was about and b)who they were. But when I found out, I did grieve that this family seemed to have such misplaced priorities... and it seems official. Sad. Sad.

Dan Gill

If raising 8 kids is hard as a couple, just think how difficult it will be when separated. I'm not a fan of the show. I might have seen 5 minutes of it since its inception. Still, I mourn the passing of a marriage, especially when so many children are involved.


I have never seen the show. I don't have television. I have never even seen a commercial for the show. However, I was recently in an airport and the morning "news" was talking about how Jon missed Kate's birthday for a skiing trip.

I know nothing of that episode. All I know is the shredding remarks the "news" show was making about Jon. It was very clear to my wife and me that no one had any interest in actually helping them. They were acting as if they were helpless observers watching a train wreck, rather than the saboteurs ripping up track in front of a passenger train. It made me _very_ angry.


It is especially sad to me to hear that Jon and Kate have openly claimed an evangelical Christian faith, and apparently have quite a following among believers and churches who have previously praised the show as being "wholesome, family-friendly" programming. From what I understand, churches and Christian groups have played a big part in Kate's speaking engagements, and their book sales. I have to wonder, though, how involved they have been in a local church. Do they have a small group of believers who can speak truth to them? Are they accountable to anyone when the cameras aren't rolling? I haven't watched the show, but to see it come to rumors of infidelity and filing for divorce is heartbreaking.

Clearly, raising eight children is challenging enough, without the added difficulties of six the same age and camera crews everywhere. Marriage takes work, and there are going to be hard times, but believers who are committed to each other and to the vows they made before God will turn to Him and each other to find ways through the valleys. It's heartbreaking that the family many see as an example of Christian life is no different than so many other celebrities in how they conduct themselves.


We have the first season on DVD (a gift), and we do not have television either. But my children enjoyed watching six two year olds and two six year olds living all together. I'm going to have to get rid of the DVD now. I'm so disappointed that my children know this couple, and will recognize their pictures next to the horrible magazine headlines in the checkout aisle. I was horrified when the parents put their children's potty training up for public viewing (imagine how the kids will feel about that as they get older)--but this? Awful.

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