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June 05, 2009

Fun for the married man

Bride and groom No, not that kind of fun. Get your minds out of the gutter. Lileks has a quiz for husbands, found in a newspaper from 1933, on his website. Are you married guys good husbands by 1933 standards? Click here to find out! (And click "Next" at the bottom of the page for the second half.) Wives, your turn is coming!

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Dan Gill

Not out of date at all, except perhaps we would substitute "TV" for "radio", and "femal co-worker" for "secretary".

By the way, that's not the gutter when you're married. It is simply one of the many benefits of marriage.


Yes -- but I was thinking that what some married men, especially the ones portrayed in much of the media, would call fun really WOULD be the gutter (i.e., looking outside the marriage for fun).

Maybe it's my own mind that's gone slumming! Or maybe I just had this in the back of my mind:


I agree, the quiz doesn't come across as outdated at all!


Thanks for the article. I look forward to its counterpart.

#23 (Merits) "Is good humored in the morning."

My wife disagrees that this is meritorious. But then, she's not an early riser.

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