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June 26, 2009

Dear Emmie II

Last week, I posted my response to Emmie, who, in the valley of decision regarding what to do with an unwanted pregnancy, left the valley for an arena of opinions. She decided to terminate the pregnancy.

I joined the arena and was sincere in what I said, though I regret understating the joy it is to have a daughter. But several of the claims and conclusions in this series continue to grieve me. I will focus only on three:

Claim #1 (by Emmie): I will do good because of my [bad] abortion. “If I get my degree then maybe the path it will take me on will lead me to work on women’s issues. Maybe one day I’ll make a million dollars and start a scholarship program for pregnant graduate students. I can’t believe that nothing good can come of this, I know I’ll do something right one of these days.”

Emmie clearly does not believe abortion is a harmless act. She is already planning to try to atone for it in the future. It might ease her conscience, but I'm afraid it will do little more.

Claim #2 (by Lisa Belkin): The abortion question is too complicated to have one right answer. “Spending two days scrolling through those responses, I have been struck by…the complexity of the decision to become a parent. So many of your comments were…balancing your own needs and those of a baby who still exists mostly in the abstract.”

The decision actually is not complicated. Circumstances, yes, but they still come down to having an unwanted life by keeping the baby or having a wanted life by killing the baby. There is one right answer, and it is not influenced by what is easy. 

Claim #3 (by Lisa Belkin): It is better to agree to disagree than persuade someone of what is right (because, after all, there is not one right answer). “Your answers were compassionate and wise. You differed in what you thought she should do, but you all began with the assumption that she was doing her best to make the decision that was right for her.”

Ms. Belkin’s comment proves that the goal of this experiment was civility, not truth. As Al Mohler has said about President Obama’s abortion approach, we only succeeded in “talking about talking about abortion.” We failed to get at why on earth this decision was difficult for Emmie. It is a no-brainer if there is nothing to abortion -- get one and go to graduate school! 

Our culture does not need us to rehearse the irrefutable arguments for human life inside the womb. What Americans need now is the willingness to look through the window and face the factory of evil they created.

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Rolley Haggard

Very well said, Rebekah. Thank you. And God bless you in proportion to His ability to bless. (Eph 3:20)

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