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June 30, 2009

Are You Educated? Take a Quiz and Find Out

Intercollegiate Studies Institute is offering a small quiz to test you on your civics knowledge. It has questions like this:

1)   Which of the following are the inalienable rights referred to in the Declaration of Independence?
A. life, liberty, and property
B. honor, liberty, and peace
C. liberty, health, and community
D. life, respect, and equal protection
E. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Take it and see if you're smart than the average bear--oh, jumping jehosophat--I mean person. 

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26 out of 33. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Dan Gill

Some of the quiz is on civics knowledge, while some is on economic ideology.

Kim Moreland

Good for you, Samantha!


30 out of 33. Need to go back and hit those books again. :)

Ben W

32 out of 33.. missed the 1st Amendment question.

Jim D.

30 out of 33, but we have a major semantics issue here Houston...I mean, the last one, I think it was: Tax taken per person equals tax spent on each person? Bwa-ha-ha-ha, what kind of utopian fantasy idealist organic fertilizer is that? The system fleeces people, the politicians are (can't say what I'm really thinking, had my comments banned here before. Maybe I could sort of allude to it: If a Republican had a dagger, I wouldn't want them standing behind me.) May I use the word treasonous? Traitor? Or would it be OK if I limited those terms to Democrats?
Both halves of the ruling party are robbing us through fractured banking inflation, and robbing our grandchildren through huge debt. Crooks. Oh wait, morally challenged, sorry.


30 right. Woo hoo, I'm a stay at home mom and my brain is still intact!

Chris Clukey

31 out of 33. It hurts my brain to find out that most people can only answer half these questions.

Who was it who said the greatest obstacle to socialism was an educated electorate?


Chris Clukey!!! Boy, is it ever a blessing to see *that* name again! Welcome back!!

Oh - 32. Misread the one on international trade. But much credit for that score goes not to me intrinsically, but to reading The Point.

jason taylor

I don't need to take the test. I am VERY educated. And don't you forget it.

Kim Moreland

Stealing is one of the deadly sins--oops, I forgot we're not teaching civic lessons or virtues...

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