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June 29, 2009

Amish crime suspense parody

I think Mary DeMuth may have invented a new subgenre.

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jason taylor

Well, except for Heartwarmingness the Plain Folk can sometimes be a little to nice to make a good story for us fancy Englishchers. How do you write something about people who never betray or kill each other, never plot for power, never become terrorists and are seldome even deviant. The last has interesting reprecusions. Their parents trust them to court in secret and even to bundle; presumably an Amish youth abusing that trust would be like a Spartan running in battle. Simply not done.

Despite all that I remember reading on my Kindle someone who actually tried to publish a series of Amish mysteries. As exotic settings are needed to make it "click" that is understandable. And the perp does not have to be Amish. And even Amish are human.

Mary DeMuth

Thanks for posting my parody. Please know I wrote this as a joke to make my agent and editor laugh. They did.

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