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May 12, 2009

What about Celebrating Christian Day?

Believe it or not, Hawaii's lawmakers have voted to celebrate "Islam Day."

They wanted to recognize Islam's "rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions." Really? If they give them a day for their contributions then they should give Christianity a year to recognize its contributions.

It seems to me that the U.S. is quickly forgetting what happened on 9/11. And I can just imagine what the uproar would be like if these lawmakers wanted a Christian Day.

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Jason Taylor

Hawaii is remembering 9-11. That's the problem.


You are mistaken sir. We have not forgotten what happened on 9/11. I humbly submit to minds greater than mine that this is all occurring _because_ of 9/11. Because we want to "prove" that we aren't at "war with Islam" and that we are ecumenical and embracing to all belief systems. Therefore we trade our "Merry Christmas" for "Islam Day".

Jason Taylor

Presumably of course, Moslems will become gentle and peaceable because they have a day of their own in Hawaii.

Billy Atwell

This makes me think of the song "Have you forgotten?" by Darryl Worley.


We do celebrate Christian day. It's called Christmas and Easter. Unfortunately it has lost its deeper meaning in recent years...

Dennis Babish

While I do agree with you about Christmas and Easter I was referring to the Hawaii lawmakers who wanted to recognize Islam's contributions. I think there should be recognition of Christianity's contributions.

Jason Taylor

In any case isn't it suspicious that the causes that manage to make the most most theatrical mayhem are the ones that attract liberal sympathy? It wasn't fashionable to "recognize Islam's contributions" before 9-11(I did as it happens, but I did so because I read books not because Moslems blow things up).

And one might add that the things things that one would associate with the "achievements of Islam" were not declaring psychopathic warfare upon all of civilization.

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