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May 06, 2009

No comment


(Image © Brian Crane)

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I totally get this way of thinking, but in my opinion, it's short-sighted. On the surface, Twitter does look silly, but when used practically, it's an incredibly powerful networking and informational tool. Sure, there will always be folks who only use it to talk about what they had for lunch, but there are millions of others who use it to expand their business, grow their circle of influence, and communicate with like-minded professionals in their field.

Where I live (in Minneapolis/St. Paul) there is a very large group of people that meets once a month for seminars and discussion on how to use Twitter and other social media networks practically in the course of daily life and business to benefit themselves and the community. It's a thriving, growing group and, while definitely an anomaly among Twitter users, an indicator that perhaps this is something that shouldn't simply be written of as merely silly.

Benjamen R. Meyer

I think FoxTrot had a better Twitter one a while back - I can't get access to it, but essentially Jason got his mother to use it and then paid attention to avoid her when she was going around to find him for a chore or something...his friend Marcus was jealous.


Aaron wrote: "Where I live (in Minneapolis/St. Paul) there is a very large group of people that meets"

Physically, face-to-face???!? Pfft. http://thepoint.breakpoint.org/2007/11/godblogcon-a--1.html?cid=89796414#comment-89796414

Dennis Babish

Now say what you just did in 140 characters or less. :)

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