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May 29, 2009

Twitter Friday

Selected tweets from friends and followers of @BreakPointPFM:

@joshuasebastien: I didn't realize Pride & Prejudice was a Christian worldview book. Hmmm. AFA is always teaching me new things. Haha.
@sal4jc: reading Gideon's Torch (by Chuck Colson)... I forced myself to put it down and get to bed...which I am doing as soon as I finish this tweet
@Fat_Tony: Some interesting aritcles linked in the Daily Roundup via The Point blog
@freedom2Care: New video of healthcare professionals' testimonials + Chuck Colson commentary on conscience freedoms: http://www.freedom2care.org/newsroom/
@JacquiEdelmann: Just finished reading God & Government by Chuck Colson. Excellent book about spiritual power overcoming 'impossible' situations.
@mikewaters: "If Christianity is not the truth, it is nothing, and our faith mere sentimentality." Chuck Colson - The Faith
@Kevin_McDonald: I've been thinking and I would love to arrange a debate between Keith Olbermann and Chuck Colson. I would pay money to see that!!!
@GwennyThePooh: I was very much moved by Chuck Colson speech he is a hero as well as you.
@palintropos: Chuck Colson says torture justifiable in some cases as "higher obligation". Glad we asked him how to follow the law. http://bit.ly/WkGZ6
@ErikKoliser: watching "Frost/Nixon" & thinking of the great witness of grace & salvation in Jesus through the life of Chuck Colson.
@yoonlee: Prepping for tomorrow's book club at Gracepoint Fellowship Church...we're reading the Good Life by Chuck Colson.
@jfwalton: Home team tonight, so long as on-call doesn't interfere. Talking about The Faith by Chuck Colson.
@skimmertarget: Chuck Colson's Christian Prison Fellowship not wanted. Islamists/Jihadist welcome. Sounds like a good idea! Duh!
@sbcghostrecon: "We must remember the Kingdom of God is not going to arrive on Air Force One." - Charles Colson
@jeremydys: BreakPoint continues Colson's excellent commentary which is cross posted on our blog: http://bit.ly/9EKI2

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Jason Taylor

"Chuck Colson says torture justifiable in some cases as "higher obligation". Glad we asked him how to follow the law. "

Not that I really want to reopen the topic. But it would be nice to know what Chuck Colson actually said.

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