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May 01, 2009

Twitter Friday

Thanks for following @BreakPointPFM!

@ricsmo: Great swine flu commentary: http://bit.ly/C3et8 from @BreakPointPFM (listened to the podcast during my morning commute)
@Robert_Banghart: The group has recieved nonpartisan, pan-Christian support including from Chuck Colson and Reagan Sec of State Shultz http://bit.ly/OZDkK
@leebenvic: Chuck Colson,Raising Our Voices for North Korean Brethren, http://bit.ly/xBkgL see also Crossing Movie 5/4 http://bit.ly/TUtIO
@vincetornero: Pumped to see Gideons handing out Bibles on campus. Keep it up, brothers! Also happy to see @BreakPointPFM on Twitter. Blessings 2 u both.
@jeremydys: Family Voice: Chuck Colson on the origination of human rights. http://bit.ly/6I6n6
@bradley_thomas: I know. I've been busy. I had to catch up on four days worth. I still love it. I told my mom today to read some Colson books.
@Guy_Peters: Great perspective from Chuck as usual! Chuck Colson' s commentary on the Miss California Debate
@JustEnoughLight: I am very proud of Ms. Cal.'s answer and even more proud of her MSNBC interview. She stood on Biblical principal and said so
@Dr_Cards: Networks are pushing this non-deadly flu issue, I think, because as always -- Fear Sells.
@Surrenderisfree: Chuck Colson's thoughts on this whole swine flu issue, really puts things in perspective. http://tinyurl.com/c6fhlx

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