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May 13, 2009

He’s got a point

Obamatrump_comp_297 I'm not a big Donald Trump fan, but give him credit for guts: He pointed out what most same-sex marriage advocates are studiously ignoring.

(Image © Politico)

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Ben W

Hmm. While what you said is true, Obama hasn't campaigned against gay marriage like Prejean. I think there's a hope among gay liberals that Obama is only holding his position for politics' sake but doesn't really believe it. His approval with the gay community and many liberals would drop mighty quick if he actually started backing up what he said.


Campaigned? All hell broke loose after she'd made a grand total of one statement about the matter. She's done interviews and press conferences since then, but that's not what started the uproar -- that came afterward.

As for Obama, it's sad when one's faith and hope in one's president are based on the belief that he's lying. (Unfortunately, there are Christians whose faith and hope in him are also based on such a belief.)

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