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May 08, 2009

’Trek’s’ triumvirate

Egosuperegoid-2 In honor of the new Star Trek film, Gary Robinson offers a take on the original series that is, well, fascinating. (Sorry.)

(Image courtesy of Christianity Today)

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Diane Singer

Thanks for the link, and its dead-on analysis of what makes ST enduring: the amazing friendship between the three men. I saw the new ST today and it's wonderful: aside from a couple of cheesy scenes (reminiscent of the Ice Planet Hoth from Star Wars), the lead actors do a great job reinventing our familiar friends. We see Jim and Spock's facial expressions and hear their signature remarks just enough to connect with our old friends, but without a slavish imitation that would make this a campy rehash. The one exception is Dr. McCoy's character: the actor takes the imitation of the TV McCoy just a little too seriously. I won't spoil the plot twist, but Abrams has opened the door for future stories with these younger versions of our beloved ST heroes. Go and enjoy!!

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