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May 28, 2009

The Point Radio: Will Work for Spending Money

How are you prepping your teen for success?...

Click play above to listen.
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My siblings and I never had an allowance. If we needed money when we were younger Mom and Dad would provide extra chore opportunities for small change.

As we grew, we were encouraged to take on appropriate jobs. Regular jobs I held before being "employed" included a lawn-mowing business with my older brother, weekly newspaper delivery, and baking chocolate chip cookies for sale from my dad's desk from work and larger orders for various meetings for people who knew about us.

We made enough money before I was 12 to buy a fishing boat and motors.

As we grew, we got work permits to allow us to work in "real" jobs.

From retail (grocery store) to scientific (lab technician at a butterfly farm) to professional (intern at civil engineering firm) to technical (IT service desk analyst), I've done it all and more.

The appreciation for the value of money and the breadth of experience is something that has (and I anticipate will continue to) stood me in good stead.

It's also something I intend to pass along to my children.

Jason Taylor

My dad, instead of giving an allowance gave a "bank" which served as a way of keeping discipline(with fines and rewards) as well as a means of paying for chores. When I wished to buy something I drew it out of the account. It taught a little about handling money quite early.

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