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May 01, 2009

This should be a comfort

Click here to find out if you have swine flu.

(Courtesy of Dave Barry)
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But don't those of us who lived through the birth of modern feminism, as boys and men, have to be extra careful? "Male chauvinist pigs", even those of us who tried very hard to become sensitive, might still be especially vulnerable, no? Kinda like getting pneumonia once means you can easily get it again...

Rolley Haggard

They always told me I’d have a chance at the presidency on the day a pig could fly. So does that mean I should start campaigning? Everyone’s talking about “swine flu”.

My promise to the American people – “I’ll make the pork fly out of Washington.”


Or maybe not: http://doihaveswineflu.org/

Jason Taylor

Don't worry LeeQuod, there are few who lived through the birth of modern feminism as boys and men. The tendency is for them to be no longer men.

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