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May 19, 2009

Obamanation at Notre Dame

Obama ceremony The choice of a commencement speaker at Notre Dame University could have been, should have been, a reminder to the world that some things are phenomenally more important than others--that honoring God's teachings is more important than the prestige of having the President of the United States honor YOU by agreeing (for political reasons) to be your commencement speaker. Notre Dame's leaders chose not to send this message. Instead, they chose to drape a robe around the most aggressively pro-abortion president in history--one whose actions are increasing the number of abortions performed both here and around the world.

By inviting Obama, Notre Dame's leaders were saying, in effect, "Abortion doesn't matter very much." Perhaps those who invited Obama should review John 12:43 ("For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God").

During his address, Obama had the audacity to lecture his audience about "living together as one human family." How about starting by simply allowing its youngest and most helpless members to live, period, Mr. President?

Which leads to another question: Are there any Centurions living in or around South Bend? The Notre Dame Class of 2009--which was applauding Obama's "reducing abortion" lines--desperately needs someone to teach them how to think. Has it not occurred to them to question the logic (and motives) of someone who claims to want to "reduce" something he supports? If there's nothing wrong with abortion, why bother reducing it? And if there IS something morally wrong with abortion (Catholic teaching calls it a grave injustice) why does Obama enthusiastically support it, fund it, and export it?

Finally, Notre Dame graduates, why "reduce" something if you can virtually eliminate it by outlawing it? The nonsensical nature of Obama's comments would be clear if Notre Dame grads applied his reasoning to any other moral dilemma--slavery, say, or HIV/AIDS. If we had the power to totally eliminate AIDS, why would we settle for reducing it? Would we applaud the president who supported reduction over elimination? Of course not! But again--Notre Dame graduates have not been taught to think. (Yes, I know--even if abortion is outlawed, some women will procure safe, illegal abortions. But I've seen surveys that show that most women would not undergo an abortion if they had to break the law to do it. And since most abortions were performed in the old, illegal days by qualified physicians, we won't see, as the abortion industry claims, a big increase in the number of women killed by illegal abortions. Instead, we will likely see about the same number of women who currently die at the hands of unsafe legal abortionists.)

One final comment: It was a bit much to be lectured about greed by someone whose major accomplishment to date has been to steal money from our children and grandchildren--money they have yet to earn, but which Obama has already taken from them, to be handed out in giant wads to his cronies. For shame, President Obama!

P.S. Notre Dame Class of 2009: As your first Centurions assignment, read this.

(Image © Charles Rex Arbogast for the AP)

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QUOTE from the article linked in her last sentence..."Similarly institutions committed to racial equality before the law cannot honor people who oppose it — however exemplary those people may be in other respects — without in effect declaring that the harms the victims of racial supremacy suffer are unimportant..."

Doesn't sound like the rational thot process---the left brain---was engaged. Hope that friends of Notre Dame - and church leaderrs-- address this great lack. PS Where are the Jesuits?


With all the talk of torture these days why isn't the torture of babies brought up? I can't imagine the pain these infants go through as their brains are sucked out.


Indeed, hope the "Fighting Irish" get their Irish up (no matter what their ethnic origin)!!!

And take back their university...or at least get an answer for why Pres. O's legal work was considered worthy of an honorary law degree!!!

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