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May 08, 2009

From Atheism to Christianity

I've just seen the conversion story of die-hard atheist A. N. Wilson. What strikes me is that it was the everyday beauty of life which caught Wilson's heart. 

Let us all shout from the rooftop with our brother--Christ has risen!

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David Cervera

Atheists will often dismess belief in God as the same as a belief in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. But no one who stops believing in Santa, outside of a Tim Allen movie, ever comes to start believing he's real again. Converts from atheism to Christianity, however, are all over the place - A.N. Wilson, C.S. Lewis, Anne Rice, and Joe Eszterhas, just to name a few.

Now this doesn't prove Christianity is true, any more than someone leaving the Church to become an atheist proves it's false, but it does say there is more to this "God" than a simple childhood fairy story.

jason taylor

Whatever Christianity is it is not a fairy tale. It does not sound like a fairy tale or behave like one.

Having curious elements does not a fairy tale make. Lots of things have curious things about them.

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