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May 01, 2009

Daily roundup

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WOW. I read the article at Culture Project (Question Authority...& Children) & also a great response from a professor successfully swimming upstream in the Super Extreme Left college education system.

My kids are taught to question all (are told they can question me---as long as it is respectful & in private) & regularly hear my comments on the subject.

My biracial son (who has a very slight resemblance to our President) was asked regularly if he was for Mr Obama...He says NO.

I merely told them my views on Mr. Obama. One of which was Mr. Obama is super pro abortion...and you (my son) come from an underage girl on the streets. He (and his followers) would most likely recommend it as "logical" that she abort you!!!

That was it for him!

Both kids do speak up for themselves at school. My daughter was in a Christian school thru 8th grade which also gave her a foundation to work from when she went to public high school...

Jason Taylor

Should children really be exposed to politics that much in any case? Why can't a child at least be free from having an opinion about Obama.

I remember reading a book about the 1948 war. Amid all the warfare and even the Irish-like exchange of terrorism that the book describes, one of the things that shocked me most was the description of an incident of Arab and Jewish children throwing rocks at each other.

It is bad enough that adults have to be involved in politics. Children should be reasonably free from it.

Rachel Coleman

Jason, in an ideal world, I would agree with you. I would love for my children to be free from political opinions. I'd also like them to be innocent in regard to homosexuality and details about heterosexual practices best left to married folks.

But the world hasn't permitted that. Even though my children have never attended public school, they've encountered plenty of worldly talk, situations and images. And as for pollitics, if you spend any time at all in the juvenile section of the library, you will find all sorts of politicized picture books.

Even if children or teens are not engaging in overtly political conversations with peers, they are being soaked in the opinions of the left and the ungodly. So ... we talk about that stuff. They should be equipped to "give an answer," for their view of the world -- not as robots, but as thinking 10- or 13- or 14-year-olds.

Jason Taylor

Exactly Rachel. So let me grouse about said necessity.

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