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May 21, 2009

Daily roundup

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jason taylor

Third article down:
"We find sometimes that media attention to the area can be a little less than compassionate and we don't want them to feel like animals in a zoo during that time."

Er, isn't that kind of the point of the vocation? I suppose we don't want hit-men to feel as if they are violent either.

Still it's nice to know that someone agrees that media attention can be "less then compassionate"


Quote from the article about "Vancouver sex trade workers...who will be getting training on dealing with the media's questions such as

(quote"..."And people asking them things like 'Do you feel safe? Did your friends die? Are you on drugs?' And then 'Thanks for the story, see you later."'

ANYONE CHECK THE STATS ON HOW DANGEROUS LIFE IS FOR PROSTITUTES??? AND ON THE EMOTIONAL DAMAGE DONE TO THEM (BESIDES THE VIOLENCE RISK???)??? prostitutes are NOT safe...they have friends die (fron violence or from STDS...) and SOME are on drugs! I know---from foster care...and my own research.

The quote finishes...

"..No one deserves that kind of humiliation, Davis added."

The humiliation is - people who pretend that renting a woman (girl---boy?) is anything but innately degrading and destructive.

Fancy "reeducation and media training" programs - notwithstanding.

PS what of the KIDS born to prostitutes?

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