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May 22, 2009

Daily roundup

Posting will be light Monday because of Memorial Day.

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Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has made it "very clear" that her top priority is deporting illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

I'm curious as to how many ILLEGAL immigrants have not committed crime.

While I have friends that are Mexican, and think that the issue has more to do with abortion clinics and bad economic policies than the border, I find the word game amusing.

Lois Lee

Mr. Colson was right on target with his Breakpoint comments on May 21, "Rude Kids." I teach elementary school, and while my students (in the last three years, or so) are "good" kids, they are also incredibly rude in their treatment of each other and their disrespectful style in talking to adults. This is the first year that students (10 yrs old) frequently raise their hand and speak at the same time with comments such as, "Dude, I don't get this!" These are middle-class, primarily white students.
Other teachers have experienced the same behaviors. They are very me-centered.
Keep up the good work and please, keep our kids in prayer.

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