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May 19, 2009

Daily roundup

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Jason Taylor

Heteronormative? Is it just me or is the weirdness of a thought directly proportional to the number of sylables used to describe it?

Rolley Haggard

It’s just you, Jason, you litero–logico–historico–grammatical prodigy you. (Not that I would know).


Rolley Haggard

Re “Short(est) Stories”. I never could resist a literary challenge. My first (and possibly last) 140-character twiterature tweet, entitled, “The Critic”:


Traitor swords
Wizarded with skill

In black ink
I sink
Trading for breath

Dazzled by harps in my deviled fire
I look up
He is higher
He damns my verse


jason taylor

Why thank you Rolley.

jason taylor

Rolley for shortness, how about:

Rich tycoon murdered
pretty heir suspected
shrewd hero saves day
butler did it.

Gina Dalfonzo

Nice work, guys!

Here's a similar piece you might enjoy:


Ben W

Jason, don't forget:

and hero gets the girl

..or does that go without saying?

jason taylor

Not nescessarilly Ben. Sometimes getting the girl forces the hero to settle down. Other times the hero and the girl are such an odd couple that it really wouldn't work(Perry Mason never falls in love with his clients though sometimes his PI does). Other times the hero is something of a goofball with women or just unlucky. For instance, for some reason Magnum is just unlucky despite the fact that all women like him at first, which arrangement is necessary to continue the show: see the first reason.

Oddly enough the Butler seldom really does it either.

Rolley Haggard

Let’s exonerate that poor butler once and for all……..


Butler flustered --
Jury just heard
One clue mustered

Mrs Peacock
Begs of Sherlock
Make the man walk

Count upon it
Here’s whodunit
Colonel Mustard
(Poisoned custard)

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