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May 14, 2009

Anyone Watching ’Castle’?

Castle As much as I like Nathan Fillion (sigh, I still miss Firefly), I have not had a chance to watch his new show, Castle. However, according to this reviewer, I'm missing a great show. 

Have any of our Pointificators checked out Castle? If so, is it worth what I'm going to have to pay iTunes to catch up?

(Image © ABC)

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I've recently started watching it. As I am a notorious jinx, this almost inevitably means that it will get canceled, decline in quality, or both. However, so far it's been pretty good.


I miss Firefly too. And Buffy, and Angel. (Total Joss-head, though I can take or leave Dollhouse.) My wife watches Castle, live AND on-line. I am usually doing class-work on Monday nights, but I have caught a couple episodes. My opinion: without Nathan's roguish 'tude, just another murder detective show. Nathan brings it to life, fortunately.

Chris Krycho

I've only caught one episode, but it was great. Really good stuff, thanks to Fillion's acting.

Benjamen R. Meyer

I've seen a few episodes.

If you liked Murder She Wrote, you'll love Castle. It's basically the same premise - only he's officially working with the police most all the time, but with more of a CSI twist to it.

Fillion does a great job filling the role of Castle.

Sadly, it's on the same time as CSI:Miami and I don't get ABC very well (DTV)...so don't know how much I'll watch it right now.


I'm a fan...so stop watching, Gina! Don't jinx my show!! It's fun, smart and witty, and I love the interplay between Castle, his flaky mother and his uber-responsible teenage daughter.


Keep your fingers crossed, Kristine -- maybe if I keep my writing about the show to a minimum, the wrath of the TV gods will bypass it this time.

But yeah, his relationship with his daughter is great. Laser tag in the living room . . . threatening to scare the prom date with a severed head . . . it doesn't get much better than that.

Shutting up now. ;-)

David Wayne

Add me to the list of those who just can't get over the cancellation of Firefly. And add me to the list of those who love Castle. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have great chemistry, and I agree with Kristine - his mother is an uber-lovable flake and he also his daughter is terrific.


I kinda wonder if you guys actually watched Firefly? Don't you remember the scene where Inara entertains her female client? Or Mal getting all unbiblical with the Madam? Or Mall kicking the guy through Serenity's engine? Or Jayne, well, Jayne...


Andy wrote - "I kinda wonder if you guys actually watched Firefly?"

Yes, and I own the entire series on DVD. While occasionally Firefly pushed the envelope a bit, I think this is bit like asking if Chrisitans should eat meat that has been sacrificed to idols. I think it comes down to whether or not the matter at hand is a stumbling block to you.

I do watch Castle and like the show.


OK, people, time out. So Tim is OK with watching a show by admitted atheist Joss Whedon, that includes scenes like Kaylee doing the nasty with a mechanic in the engine room, and other characters that include a courtesan and Christian minister that would do the Unitarians proud. But Tim says that's OK because it's not a stumbling block for him. Firefly only "pushed the envelope a bit." If it had aired in the sixties, it would have gotten some network folks arrested. Not to mention that the premise of the show is that East and West have melded, with Buddhism as much or more practiced as Christianity.

This is not meant to be concern trolling, because I am glad that so many Christians share my enjoyment of Firefly, (best show ever.) But for a subculture that prides itself on "in but not of the world," you guys seem a tad co-opted on this one. Not that I see anything wrong with that.


We're off-topic again. Andy, if you can hold that thought till Monday morning, I'll set up a post then where that theme can be more fully discussed. In the meantime, let's get this discussion back to "Castle," the subject of the post. Thanks.


My wife and I have really enjoyed Castle. We have missed Fillion since Firefly, and the ill-fated Drive lasted what, two episodes? It's fun to see him doing some work again. He seems to really enjoy his job!

Diane Singer

OK, I'm officially hooked. I downloaded episodes from iTunes, and found it well worth the cost. The show has great storylines, wonderful acting, and touching dynamics between the characters -- all factors that make Castle "must see TV."


And it's been renewed! The jinx didn't come into play -- yet. But I'd better shut up again, just to be on the safe side. :-)

Michael Snow

I get it... everyone is watching 'Castle' whatever that is.

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Michael, your comment is rude to Diane and to me. First, if you find the entertainment-related threads too frivolous, you're welcome to skip them and gravitate to the political threads, of which there are many here. Second, if you want to send an idea to The Point, the proper way to do it is to click on "Contact The Point" on the lefthand side of the page and submit your idea -- politely.

I've let it slide this time. Next time, I won't.

Ben W

It looks like Dollhouse (Whedon's latest) has got the go for season #2, which is good news. I was skeptical at first but it really picked up as the season went on.

I'd also love to check out Castle.. and catch up on the last 5 seasons of House.

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