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May 05, 2009

An Artists’ Quarrel

I've long been fascinated with Vincent Van Gogh -- his life, his work, his art, his faith. One historian is now claiming that evidence shows that Van Gogh never cut off his own ear, but instead lost it in a sword fight to his friend, renowned artist Paul Gauguin, and then decided to cover for him. It's an interesting twist.

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Dan Gill

Is it pronounced "Van Goff"? I always thought it was "Van Go".

Interesting story.

Gina Dalfonzo

If it's true -- there's a BIG example of forgiveness!

jason taylor

Well, there are bigger examples of forgiveness; presumably a gentleman will regard a duel as over once honor is satisfied.

But the question is what is the point in covering it up? Admittedly dueling was against the law and wasn't winked at in 1888 the way it would be in 1788. But it wouldn't be a cause for public obliquy and the story would add to Gaugin's edgy reputation as well as his own.

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