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May 12, 2009

Abdicating the throne

Prom Being elected Prom King and Queen takes charisma and popularity. One Kansas City high school got a little more out of their prom court. Instead of basking in the glory of their teen moment, the Prom King and Queen at Blue Springs High School took off their crowns and presented them to two classmates with special needs. 

It's nice to see some royals acting with nobility for a change.

(Image courtesy of NBC)

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Dennis Babish

Stories like this you never hear on national mainstream news.
It also gives hope for our young generation.

Catherine Larson

Noblesse oblige is not dead!

Jason Taylor

Well Prince Harry behaved nobly and he was right to be annoyed when the Ministry became absurdly nervous: he was just as expendable as a private citizen and was right to regard himself as such. It would have been more royal to take him up on it immiediatly, announce where he was and dare every scurvey Saracen marauder in the world to come. More in keeping with England's dignity too and even more militarily efficient(you want them to start fights with soldiers, it kills them off most efficiently). Prince Harry was perfectly right: Madness! This is Windsor.

The Queen mum also behaved quite nobly during the war. And Lizzy far more attractive in character(and when she was, younger not that bad looking either)then most conventional politicians today.

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