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April 28, 2009

Why Islamic leaders don’t apologize for Armenian genocide

A Washington Times article, written by Julia Duin, excellently explains the problem of Islam as an actor in international politics. With countries such as Iran playing an important role in the relations between world leaders, it is important to understand why Muslims, of any sort, have never apologized for the Armenian genocide. Even in his recent trip to Turkey, President Obama never referred to the acts against the Christian Armenians as "genocide." Any clarity and understanding we can glean from this tragedy will assist us in identifying future consequences of Western/Islamic relations.

The Turks of the Committee of Union and Progress, or the “Young Turks” as they were known in the West, decided that the best way to save the Muslim Turkish nation was to reduce the Christian population, which happened to be mostly Armenians. Subsequently, all Christian Armenians were driven out of the Ottoman capital at the end of swords and bayonets. The cause of death for most Armenians was murder, starvation, and exhaustion in concentration camps. 

So, I ask the question: Why have Muslims, especially those that make up the 99.8% of the Turkish population, never apologized for a genocide against Christian Armenians?

As Duin points out, Muslims have no concept of national repentance. Georgetown professor John Voll explains that Muslims don't believe in original sin, because God didn't curse Adam and Eve; rather he just expelled them from the garden of Eden. 

Additionally, Muslims do not believe in apologizing for things that happened in the past. Even if Muslims did have this sentiment, the current Kamalist Turkey is a separate political entity from the Ottoman Empire which perpetrated the genocide--though I doubt the descendants of a nation murdered by extremist Muslims feel better about this trivial legal distinction.

Friday, April 24, was Armenia's Genocide Remembrance Day. Let us join them in prayer for the lives lost and the families left behind in the name of Islamic political power.

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Jason Taylor

To be fair collective apology is arbitrary and selective. Why should the Turks stop with the Armenian Genocide? What about the Janisary Tax? Or the galley slaves? Or so on and on through lots of things. And that is just if we stop with the Ottoman Empire. There are plenty of things to apoligize for in which both the perpetrators and the victims are dead.

Ben W

I guess I'm willing to apologize for my English ancestors killing my Irish ancestors, and my German cousins declaring war on the descendants of my French ancestors, except that my other French ancestors really started it back with Charlemagne.

Jason Taylor

Exactly. That's just the point Ben. Historical repentance is a quixotic exercise which is as distracting from real righteousness as any type of self-abasement. And historical grudges are the sort of thing done by-Palestinians.
We all have our own sins to deal with.

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