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April 03, 2009

Twitter Friday

Here are some relevant tweets this week relating to @BreakPointPFM.

Captoe: Designer Babies "The idea of designing a master race has been tried in the past-with horrific results."
JeffCookSeven: he has been huge in my life and in my marriage!
LauraGrempel: The Faith by Chuck Colson is making me tear up with every page. I'm blown away at where our society and culture is today.
Salinastchurch: a little reminder re: the importance of doctrine from chuck colson. not normally a huge fan but worth a minute.
friar_don: Yea. I read Chuck Colson's book "Being the Body" and there was a great section on transparency, prayer, and accountability.
IAMeteorologist: Dave Ramsey has some pretty good advice on managing money. Wish Congress would listen to him.
Guy_Peters: Minority biblical worldview is directly related to yesterday's message re our need to rediscover core teachings.
Guy_Peters: Go Chuck! A renewed emphasis on a true "orthodoxy" core is needed, beginning w/ the inerrancy and authority of Scripture.
JanisMiller: RT @Guy_Peters RT @justin_hart: Traditional parenting 'leads to well-adjusted children'
israel1319: Chuck Colson's Breakpoint-The economic crisis is causing peope to re-priortize & causing to ask bigger ?'s, we Christians need to be avail.
MaxHMaxwell: Christianity In the Films of Alfred Hitchcock
http://tinyurl.com/cetfuavery interesting perspective on one the greatest filmmakers ever.

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Michael Snow

With all the Twitter on the point, I'm researching stock in birdseed.

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