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April 17, 2009

Twitter Friday

Here are some tweets from @BreakPointPFM followers this week:

@MarcWright: "End of a Spear" Very sobering—Jesus so loves peoples of Earth—He may allow death of some of His sons to express it!
@sstutts: Just glad to see the curriculum (Rewired) is getting out there.
@Guy_Peters: Who knew? For sure, gonna keep buying my Starbucks #VIA! RT @BreakPointPFM: Caffeine is good for your spiritual life
@jthouse: Gotta say I'm a Susan Boyle fan RT ttp://bit.ly/64n6o
@SteveBeren: thanks for directing me to www.breakpoint.org
@johnprew: Thanks for the link discussing Bonheoffer's book and his life!
@jtsnyder: reading a Chuck Colson tome
@KathyLohmer: Reflecting on last nights great fundraiser banquet for Minnesota Family Council and Chuck Colson's awesome message!
@lakeweeds: Back from dinner w/ Gov Tim Pawlenty, Senator Michelle Bachmann, Chuck Colson & of course my wife(& hundreds of others) http://www.mfc.org/
@millervince: Just got my picture with Chuck Colson
@sintplanet: "Be joyful. Love beyond what is reasonable. Be bold. And endure. Have hope. You live on the other side of the Resurrection." (Chuck Colson)
@PaulBuss: Just saw Chuck Colson at PCPC...great ministry he has.
@russneglia: I agree. How Now Shall We Live is a great book.
@Letters4theLord: a great Easter movie...THE CROSS: the Arhtur Blessitt story of his almost 40 yr journey carrying the cross to every nation
@LauraGrempel: Have you read any of Chuck Colson's books? I'm just finishing up The Faith. It's a really great read. Getting God and Government next.

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