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April 03, 2009

The Point Radio: Unplug

IPods, Blackberries, laptops: How has technology affected your relationships?...

Click play above to listen.

Want some more ideas for unplugging?

1. Technology assessment: Keep track of the amount of time you spend on the computer or talking on the phone each day. How much time does this amount to each week? Keep track of uninterrupted time you spend in the presence of family and friends each day and week. Compare the times. Is God inviting you to reprioritize anything based on this awareness? If you cut back using the computer one hour a week, how could you use this time to be in the presence of God or others?

2. Plan a no-e-mail day or week. Let people know you will not be answering your email—but you will take phone calls and meet with people.

3. What is it like for you to receive a handwritten letter from a friend? Write a non-electronic letter to a friend. What surfaces in you while you take the time to do this? What is gained and what is lost in electronic communication? What do you think about the trade-offs?

4. Which relationships in your life need face time? Plan face-to-face time with several people this week. Do not let this time be interrupted by anything electronic.”

(From Adele Calhoun, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook)

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I know Facebook has reconnected me with a lot of family & friends. Two of those friends are in the Army right now and have been in/out of Iraq/Afganistan. My family is hard for me to keep in touch with because they are busy too. It helps to know you can go to the cell and call someone (mobile 2 mobile) or hop online and chat anytime you need support.

Pandora keeps me up to date with new music sounds. I am an audio engineer and am also working on a ministry for Christian musicians. It's imperative that I not be "stuck in the past"(so to speak).

Jason Taylor

I have few friends offline outside of my family. I don't get around much in my neighborhood or my Church and my High School buddies would be impossible to meet more then a few times without the net. If it were not for computers I would be quite lonely.
At the same time, it can get addictive.

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