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April 21, 2009

The Point Radio: Save Ethics for Later?

Is doing what's right important right now?...

Click play above to listen.

Poll: Most Teens Think They Can Make Ethical Business Decisions, Yet Many Also Believe it is Okay to Lie and Cheat,” PR Newswire, 11 February 2009.

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I read this report earlier.

Two suggestions:

Ethics could be taught/practiced by kids in good youth groups/youth organizations

(For instance, my daughter has learned lots from her youthgroup - including their work to help a very poor town near us. We discuss how her future college training couldbe used to help others.)

(My son has learned lots from Cub Scouts. Also-baseball has taught him about team playing, etc.)

Teachers might be able to get ahold or invent "ethics simulation" games where the consequences of good/bad choices (especially long-term consequences) can be simulated.

In college, we played a similar game where a couple groups with UNEVEN power were charged with running a town & making financial and ethical decisions. Then---we discussed what we did. My group (which quickly took advantage because we started out with the most power) had to face up---we had considered only ourselves & not those weaker.

At a job where confidentiality was critical, we had a discussion of different possible situations...Thus, they taught us that we could (with clear but ignorant conscience) accidentally tell confidential info.

Both our moral obligation and our knowledge base were expanded.

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