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April 15, 2009

The Point Radio: Luxury Fashion - Out of Style

In fashion, frivolity may be going out of style....

Click play above to listen.

Stephanie Rosenbloom, “For Spring Clothes, A Lost Season?New York Times, 12 March 2009.

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Quote from the NYT article linked above

"...It(the upscale store) is also focusing on what is known as “clienteling,” or calling and sending e-mail messages to its best customers with ideas on how to spruce up their existing wardrobes rather than replacing them entirely..." Inadvertently they are practising stewardship of limited resources....Most designer suits can be accessorized with scarves, jewelry, etc. to look quite different the next season...like the old 1947 sewing guide I have---shows!

I also see mags in my local fabric store which direct people on how to retool that favorite dress into some other article of clothing or even into material for home decoration...

Actually, luxury fashion at discount prices (or even at reasonable prices at some upscale resale store) is still around. As well as home design using items which are decently made but which are cheap or free...

It's extremely satisfying to buy that truly well made dress/suit/blouse for a modest price from the local resale center which has only volunteers & sends its big profits off to help deliver Bibles, aid to a drug infested country.

It's satisfying to see my square all wood end table recoated with stain--and now stylishly holding TV, books, son's WII...the table which I picked up at the side of the road on garbage day.

And I hope to push farther into the use, reuse with style concept---as we all need to do!!!

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