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April 03, 2009

The Exodus for the twenty-first century

Pharaoh Please stand well back from the computer as you read this. If someone's going to get struck by lightning over it, I'd rather it be me than you guys. (Thanks for the link, Allen!)

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PFFFFT! What a cop-out! You act all heroic, like you're diving in front of the proverbial bus to save the rest of us ... but then you out me as the source. "No, no, guys - I got this one. I'll take the impact. Whooops, did I just trip Allen into the street just as the bus was coming through? So sorry."

Gina Dalfonzo

Oh darn. You noticed. :-)

Michael Snow

Well, lightning must have struck. I get no link from 'this'

Gina Dalfonzo

It's working for me. Try a different browser. Or copy and paste the following:



Allen wrote: "but then you out me as the source."

Deep Throat may be gone, but his spirit lives on! And in such close proximity to Chuck Colson; wow...

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