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April 10, 2009

The Centrality of the Cross

Crucifixion “I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
Asked the lord above for mercy, ‘Save me if you please.’“
Eric Clapton, “Crossroads”

“Crossroads,” the blues classic by Eric Clapton, is a song about a man seeking escape from his desperate existence. Will he find it in a ride to Rosedale, a drinking binge, a flight from one destination to the next, or in God’s grace? At the song’s end, we are left to wonder. Nevertheless, Clapton’s lyrics, laced with his riveting guitar riffs, grab our attention.

A crossroads is a place where divergent paths meet, forcing us to make choices that can be at once exciting and scary. It can be a place of crisis, where the pain of the past butts up against our hopes for the future; or a place of opportunity, where the road ahead promises brighter prospects in the vast frontier beyond.

In either case, a crossroads is a call to change: from where we’ve been to where we’re going; from what we’re leaving behind to what we’re striving for; from who we are to who we’re becoming.

As free-willed creatures, we are continually leaving one crossroads and entering another. Will we pick up the ball or the doll? Will we eat our food or play with it? Will we wear blue socks or black socks? Will we finish high school or work as a mechanic? Will we propose to Susan or play the field? And on it goes.

Like a string of beads forming a necklace, crossroads connect the past, present, and future of human experience in an unbroken thread of possibility. But the central crossroads, the one through which every life must pass, lies on a hill in Golgotha. Continue reading here.

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Rolley Haggard

All I can add to that is Amen, Regis.

(And maybe a complementary poem...)

Cross Purposes
--© Rolley Haggard

The Devil heard the prophecy and thought
To try the capability of Man;
For if the mighty angels could be bought
With airy promise, how could Adam stand?
The claim that Man a faithful son would prove
Where angels failed seemed easy to belie;
And thus the Tempter made his deadly move;
His strategy: make Man, red-handed, die.
And so he did. But Christ the faithful Son,
The Substitute the prophecy foretold,
Fell on His sword and made the Devil run
In fear to see his utter doom unfold
At Calvary, the Armageddon Plain;
His Nemesis: a God, red-blooded, slain.


Incredible, Rolley. That's getting printed and going up on my wall of treasures.

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