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April 15, 2009


Tea party Thousands attended the nationwide "tea parties" protesting government spending today, according to Fox News. If you went to one, let us know how it went in the comment section below.

And don't forget, all ladies in the D.C. area are invited to another tea party this coming weekend!

(Image © Fox News)
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Gotta love that teabagger in Chicago with the Obama/Hitler poster. Stay classy, fella.

Here's the link:


Steve (SBK)

I think the word of the day is "ironic", given, say, this:

or this:

or this:

"Classy" indeed.

(I apologize if those links contain offensive material to any readers. I am merely pointing out that we've been living in a 'classless' society for some time)

Jason Taylor

Admiral Nelson dedicated his life to fighting a classless society without becoming classless.




It went well. As many people were there an hour early than were anticipated for the entire event. I'd say about as many cars as for the 4th.

Very kindly, respectful people of all ages.

The food drive for the food shelf went better than could have been hoped!

This for something that hadn't been publicized.

Mostly people were concerned about how our representatives didn't even read the Stimulus Bill, how borrowing our way out of debt doesn't work, how inflation is going to hurt the poor most of all, and about how our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't even allowed to vote (which would likely have changed the results in the Senate regarding Franken and Coleman).


for give may spelling Im dislectice

I didn't go to any I'm happy with the taxcode for the First time in my Life Bill Gates will be Taxed at the same rate I do Obama has rised the tax on capital gains from 15% to 25% and since Rich foke make most of there income from captial gains that tax code is now fair exampel a average CEO makes a salery of $2,000,000 a Year yet bonuses and stock options and other kinds of income that falls under Capital Gains that averages about $8,000,000.

now lets take the Fair tax as proposed by the GOP so if you only taxed the Salery at 25% the then the rest of his income would be Tax Free so the average CEO would be taxed on Only 5% of his overall income but someone makeing that National Average income Joe Middle class would pay 25% of his income
Now I know where the GOP Got the 25% fair tax luvidicis vary good only thing is I Don't fifnd the Tricldounw theory in old testiment law or in the New testiment law so when God told Isreal to give 25% of there income to the buld the tabernacl and the Levites
he Never siad and if you make most of your income off yor bussness or interest or investments the you don't have to give to the lord your money is better spent growing your bussness and makeing investments to crate jobs for isreal and some will tell me but reagin siad I say But The God of Aberaham and Issice and Jacob said and Since the Lord Jesuse has all athority in Haven and on Earth That makes Reagin usesless becuase Christ has More Athority then a dead Politions now since Jews musslums and collage proffesser are more awhere of the Holy Moral law of God and Evangelicals and a Larage potion of the pastors regulery deni God's holy morel law of God becuase ther politions are much more profitent in Sinning the the people the shout and Slander AKA Evanglicals have made Cherisanity a Politcal orgaiziation to Glorify men and the Lord can't Share is Glory with men seeking the Golry of God For them Selfs and the sperit of God Hasn't been moveing the way he did why would he Call men to cherches only to whothship daed Poltions

Leslie Carbone

The Reston Tea Party was fabulous! Good speeches and an enthusiastic crowd, despite the rain. I think 400-500 people risked the wrath of DHS. My favorite sign asked: Why is the First Dog getting more media coverage than we are?


I didn't attend, but quote labrialum above .......

"...Mostly people were concerned about how our representatives didn't even read the Stimulus Bill, how borrowing our way out of debt doesn't work, how inflation is going to hurt the poor most of all, and about how our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan weren't even allowed to vote (which would likely have changed the results in the Senate regarding Franken and Coleman)...."
Lots of untold or minimally covered governmental abuses or possible abuses contained in that paragraph..
....This gov't seems more like an assenting Russian "Duma" voting in whatever the small leadership council wants...!

...the CNN "reporter" who lectured the Chicago tea party man on the $400 he was going to get from Obama and the big chunk the state of IL maybe signifies the cluelessness of many in gov't...she could have worked on Pravda of years past!


Note to my comment above. Illinois will get a significant amount of stimulus money.(I didn't clearly say that)

The "reporter" chides the protestor with that fact. IL will get lots of $$$!

But I grew up in the shadow of Chicago's and Illinois's politics. Yet another IL governor is probably on his way to jail. Other gov. corruption & waste stories are exposed regularly.

How much of that money will trickle down to the average person?

Will politicians, leaders realize the FRUSTRATION of many?


I attended one of the many held here in southeast Michigan. It was great! Several hundred people lined a busy street with flags and clever posters. (One little kid carried a poster that said, "I didn't read the bill either.") Everyone was well behaved including most of the people who drove by. Most honked and waved in approval. We only saw a couple of "digital salutes."
The people spoke yesterday. If only the media would report it and the politicians listen.


Vikingmum, I think that the administration does realize, and that that is why they are harnessing the full might of the internal security police/paramilitaries/intelligence agencies to "intensely scrutinize" people like you and I, and everyone else who is disturbed by recent actions by the administration/junta, and who imagine that the Constitution is the law of the land, rather than the 'radical rightwing political tract' which they are calling it.

People who have lived through this before in Germany, Italy, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are scared stiff.

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