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April 16, 2009

If CNN had been at the Boston Tea Party

Inspired by the following video:

Reporter: Hi, I'm with Colonial News Network. Why are you here tonight, sir?

Colonist: Because I hear the king say that we colonists must pay taxes even without Parliamentary representation. We believe in the right to liberty.

Reporter: Sir, what does liberty have to do with taxes? Do you realize that the king wants to make sure that all his people get the very best tea available?

Colonist: Let me finish. We believe that we should be taxed only by our own representatives and that a government on the other side of the world should not take our money.

Reporter: Wait. Did you know that Massachusetts gets a greater amount of tea than any other colony?

Colonist: I --

Reporter: Well, Prudence, I think you get the general tenor of this. It's anti-royalty, anti-Colonial News Network (since this is highly promoted by the pro-liberty Thomas Paine Network), and clearly intended to mock the Indians as well. As this blatant tea-tossing is not really family viewing, back to you, Prudence.
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Dan Gill

What a terrible example of reporting! She was trying to make the news, not report it. Arguing with the man, telling him that he was getting a whopping $400 tax break! Wow, $400 out of trillions spent! We should all be so grateful!


She sounds like a school teacher reprimanding an ungrateful child.

She truly believes in the Congressional plan, but---this clip will live on and hopefully be shown as an example of someone teaching instead of reporting.

Jason Taylor

You do realize that mobs that storm aboard ships, destroy other peoples property, and only half inadvertantly cause a civil war are not necessarily to be held as the highest models of conservative behavior?


Jason, I'm sure you can find refuge in Tory Upper Canada by morning if you hurry.

Jason Taylor

Not yet, Labrialum though hot tar is admittedly quite uncomfortable.


Gina, the Adams brothers - Samuel and John - are arguing again. Would it help if we bought them each a pint of ale?

Jason Taylor

Would that be Sammy's ale LeeQuod? They say they still drink it two hundred years later.
Actually I always did like Johney better then Sammy. He had more Gravitas not to mention more common sense. Besides his personality was rather bookish like mine.

One point to be made though is that the Tories get rather a bum rap from folklore. When you think about it, both the Loyalist and the Patriot causes had a reasonable argument for them and the main strike against the Loyalists was that(perhaps fortunatly on the whole)they seemed to be too poltroonish to make a good showing for themselves. Though there were plenty of exceptions such as Robert Rogers as well as the DeLancy family.

jason taylor

The best argument for the Patriot's cause was simply that their way of life was threatend and not just their pocketbooks. There were some circles in Britain that wished to "Londoniscize" the colonies and no doubt that danger was blown up by tensions as such things always are. Nevertheless the danger did exist. According to "Now We Are Enemies" by Tom Fleming, during the occupation of Boston following the Tea Party, political meetings were forbidden including villiage Town Meetings.

The best argument for the Loyalist cause is that if the King-in-Parliment hadn't Divine Right it might be dubious for Selectmen, Constables or for that matter Goodmen and Goodwives to claim it over their respective charges.

Just imagine the good Baron von Steuben conducting drills of the Continental Army at Valley Forge.

Steuben:"Vorm Line, Move it Zu dirty, little dirt-diggers"

Continental Army: Why

Steuban: Because Vi Says so

Soldiers: Who are You?

Steuben: Vi am appointed Vinspector By Zee Continental Congress

Soldiers: What is the Continental Congress?

Steuben: Zees are Zee Volk Zat vill vree you from taking orders from zee king. I am appointed inspector by order from zee Continental Congress zand I command zu to form line.

Soldiers: Huh?

Fortunately nothing of the kind happened. Still.

jason taylor

Of course one could also take the neutralist position. Many did. Sometimes it was because they the issue was to complicated to make up their minds. Sometimes they just wanted to get out of the way.

And in the case of the Pennsylvanians they often more or less thought that:
"Zis zlayin men with ze zord, tis a zin und a shame; zee Plain Volk have naught to do with zee vorldly vanities of zee Englishchers.

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