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April 09, 2009

’Sexting’ and Teens

Teen texting “Sexting," sending nude photos of oneself or others by cell phone, continues to be a growing trend among teenagers. If caught, a minor can be charged with child pornography violations and land on the sex offenders list, as in the case of this young man from Florida. Prosecutors probably intend to send a strong message to teenagers about the dangers of “sexting.” But is giving kids a lifelong criminal record and possible jail time as a sex offender an overreaction, or justice served?

In any case, this is a strong reminder that parents must be engaged on this topic and must create a game plan to ensure that teens' use of online and digital communication remains safe and positive. Even more importantly, they must teach teens to value themselves as holy and created in the image of God. 

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(Image courtesy of Mom Central)

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Jason Taylor

Being immodest attracts perverts? And teenage girls need to be told about that?

What happened to all they say about "sex-ed"? Surely it can teach that one. That is kind of like having an economics class that doesn't teach the difference between gross and net.


Yes, Jason, they do. Although JB's post didn't have anything to do with what we typically mean by "pervert". The pertinent aspect of the original post is that parents must take charge of their children, not the state. Both proscribing and prescribing behavior ought to be done by parents. The state will never be able to successfully do what parents will not do.

Michael Snow

"If caught, a minor can be charged with child pornography violations and land on the sex offenders list..."

What a travesty of the law-and-order-at-any-cost mentality this woud be. Christians should be speaking out about such rabid nonsense in our "justice" system.

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