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April 27, 2009

Sermons about Sex

This Florida church has landed in hot water for teaching a series on the biblical view of sex. Why? Because they meet in an elementary school. Evidently, it's OK to teach elementary students about homosexuality and condoms during the school week, but when a pastor advertises a series on what the Bible has to say about sex -- well, that is deemed "obnoxious and inimical to the best interests of the school board." Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? 

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Yes. I don't see how great sex is going to get me through tribulation.

And I guess you leave the kiddies at home for this sermon, right?

Why can't we follow Jesus Christ's example and the apostles' examples... and teach men the things they need to survive in a spiritually bankrupt world? When did Christ or the apostles teach on the pleasures of sex? Just because this is within marriage doesn't make it any less carnal...


I do not ever understand the cloud of suspicion that hovers over this forum whenever someone raises the issue of sex, or when we learn a preacher somewhere has committed the grievous act of teaching his flock the biblical view of sexuality.

Sex is a very real issue in the lives of every human being. Given that morally vacuous perspectives on sex contribute to the spiritual bankruptcy of the world, I'd say the issue is well within the purview of church leaders seeking to instruct their flock in Godly living.

As to the problem between the church and the school board, in think churches need to have a degree of tact in order to balance the degree of intrepidity involved with promoting a sermon series like this. Sex is a sensitive issue, and as the comment above illustrates, it's open to a very wide range of opinion. While the church ought to have the freedom to conduct this series, I am sure there were some proactive steps that could have been made to preempt and diffuse predictable aggressions.

Jason Taylor

Well just to start with talking about sex in a pompous way is fashionable. And thus lends the suspicion that this is a "me too" sermon. Some preachers might remember this Kipling line:

The jackal may follow the tiger
But cub when thy whiskers are grown
Remember the wolf is a hunter
Go forth and get food of thine own

Other things being equal, do we want jackals for preachers?

Second, sex is like alchohol. To much and people think of nothing else. Or like "The White" of the Jem'haddar warrior-slaves in DS9. The Jem'haddar are kept submissive by keeping them addicted for generations.
Now of course sex is healthy in it's proper place(yada, yada, yada). But that is the point. It is NOT in it's proper place, it is dominating society. And teaching children about sex overmuch and overearly is likly not to teach them about healthy pleasures which they cannot experience for years yet. It is likly to deny them pleasures which they can experience at the present time by making them think to much about what they can't have.
Now that is not necessarily a reason to definitely reject the concept of a sermon about sex in church to children. It is surely a good reason to be suspicious.

Dan Gill

Well, let's see. The Bible has an entire book about sex. It is something that occupies the minds of the vast majority of people on this planet. God created it and blessed it. It has been mis-used, abused, and misunderstood. Maybe that's why it's good to teach about it.

From the article, it appears that the risk manager for the district is just reacting in a knee-jerk fashion. He doesn't want any controversy. Silliness.

Ben W

I don't have any problems with the sermons about sex, but advertising them in an elementary school during weekdays is bad form. There was a lot of controversy over "Obama's sex ed plan" for the same reasons - 1st graders don't need to be exposed to this stuff.

Jason Taylor

Dan, the Bible has an entire book about Palace intrigue(which of course includes sex): Esther. We do not therefore feel a need to teach sermons on palace intrigue.

And Song of Songs, was a love poem not a sex-ed session. The fact that it was more explicit then a Victorian love poem would have been was a cultural accident not a real difference.

And in any case, context is context. If there is to much of something it is not undue to be suspicious of more of it. My suspicion is that this is copycating from unbelievers, and that it is at the wrong time, not that the idea is necessarily bad.

Diane Singer

Frankly, I wish more of our pastors had the courage to teach on the biblical view of sex, tailored appropriately to the age of those listening, obviously. We've let the secular world determine what this tremendous gift from God looks like, and the secular world has twisted, distorted, misused, abused and sullied what God designed to be a joyful and beautiful expression of love between a husband and wife. It's time to take back this area of life for Christ!

A year or so ago, I taught The Song of Solomon in my adult SS class. Class members, many of whom have been married for 40+ years, were overjoyed to hear the subject discussed with tact, humor, and joy. Why in the world do we allow those wallowing in sin to be the most vocal on this topic?

Jason Taylor

Those wallowing in the sin of avarice are likly to be the most vocal on the topic of money. That does not mean we necessarily have to imitate them.


I worry when sex is the topic of a sermon; IMO a sermon is the best place to reach the entire congregation. A sermon on sex can't reach the entire congregation, if for nothing else because of age.

However... a Bible Study on the topic, speaking candidly and biblically could be not only useful but could be necessary. There's obviously a lot of false views about sex in our society; it'd be good to teach the right views!

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