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April 23, 2009

Plan B: Abortion for Kids!

The Food and Drug Administration will soon release a new policy that will allow 17-year-old girls to gain access to an abortive medicine known as Plan B. Though many consider it nothing more than contraception, it has the ability to kill off a fertilized egg by preventing it from attaching itself to the uterus. Therefore, it is an abortifacient.

Although it should come as no surprise that the new administration would move forward on opening up new abortive opportunities to children, we should be appalled by the reasoning.

U.S. District Judge Edward Korman has made the claim that the Bush Administration allowed politics rather than science to guide their decision to refrain from giving 17-year-old kids abortifacients. Given all we know about a baby's development--the heart pumping within 3 weeks of conception, brain activity within a month and a half, etc--what "science" are abortion supporters clinging to in order to justify killing babies? It's strange how the left loves to cry out, "Follow science, not your faith," and yet when it comes to abortion, they ignore the facts to continue their political pandering.

The question of when life begins is dead. There is no question. The left has never distinguished a point of viability in the womb where they are satisfied in not aborting. The fact that partial-birth abortion even exists, and is argued for by educated people in positions of power, shows us how morally depraved the pro-abortion movement has become. 

Abortion-rights advocates march under the banner of "women's health," but as time goes on we hear less of that and more of "women's rights." It's a quick fade to black when this awful practice tries to act in the name of good because it's morally inconsistent to claim that women deserve rights while roughly half of abortions are of baby girls. As Mother Theresa said, "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." 

Abortion isn't for the select few women that are facing life-threatening pregnancies; rather it is available to any pregnant woman in need of help, who is being preyed upon by murderous abortion doctors. We must ask ourselves, "Why is this happening?" The reason is that our country allowed a politicized and poorly reasoned argument, for a practice which ends innocent life, into our judicial system. Some doctors, who swear an oath to protect life, now steal God's children from the life for which they were created. 

The U.S. is so desensitized to the idea of abortion that we allow children to abort children—and all in the name of justice, freedom, and science.

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Jason Taylor

Actually I think that was the original point. It is seventeen year-olds that are likly to make such a mistake. And what would be a stronger motive then a misguided mother's indulgence.


I've heard almost four years of mostly SAD stories from my high school daughter about her sexually active friends.
In no particular order:
*Girls who have had an abortion already
*Girls who are pregnant
*A girl who is glad she had her child but was allowed by the teacher to speak to other classes saying "I wish I'd waited!"
*A girl who doesn't feel good because the birth control pill affects her moods
*a girl my daughter thinks - may be run down because of an STD.

And of course some friends suffer the usual pain when a relationship breaks us. A friend of Mag's gets a text from the boyfriend who breaks up.

Even if you treat the girl like a cow or animal that needs to be "fixed" by dumping in some chemicals to stop the pregnancy - she still has the emotional baggage from bonding sexually with a guy.



If I were the evil, money-grubbing abortion industry, the LAST thing I'd want out there is Plan B. Any teen girl (or couple) who had a "down-there" wardrobe malfunction, or didn't bother to suit up at all can avoid the clinic completely for a few bucks at your nearest chain drug store. So why isn't the abortion lobby fighting this with everything they've got? I mean, if it's all about the benjamins...


vikingmother - whom I esteem more and more each day - wrote: "Even if you treat the girl like a cow or animal that needs to be "fixed" by dumping in some chemicals to stop the pregnancy - she still has the emotional baggage from bonding sexually with a guy."

My oft-repeated maxim is as follows: When the Bible says "The two shall become one flesh" it means that sex fuses you to your partner, emotionally. So, if you break up after having sex, it's like having a piece of your flesh ripped away from you. It's gonna hurt worse than you can imagine. Do that often enough and it won't hurt anymore, but that's because there will be nothing left to fuse with anyone - meaning any future long-term relationship will feel empty.


FYI the guys get just as hurt, and it isn't their choice when the mothers of their children murder them.

All this in a society where those same 17 year olds couldn't take an aspirin without parental permission, and could get suspended if caught with them in school.

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