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April 22, 2009

Why, indeed?

Biden debate

I didn’t hear the outrage when Joe Biden said that he and Barack Obama are against gay marriage. No incendiary language, no insults, no four letter obscenities.

Why is it acceptable for Obama and Biden to have this opinion but not a conservative female? 

Andrea Tantaros, "Miss (Liberal) USA?" April 21

(H/T Big Hollywood; image courtesy of TheBostonChannel)

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Ben W

It's not, really. I know a lot of liberals that this really bothers (but it does help that they're willing to move towards civil unions).

Gina Dalfonzo

But the reactions are so very different: Obama is still widely adored (and Biden -- well, he doesn't seem to be very adored, but he's at least tolerated), while there are many liberals who agree with Perez that Miss California is a "dumb b----."

I'm toying with two different theories: Either many liberals suspect that Obama and Biden don't really mean it, or they're willing to do what feminists did with Clinton, and tacitly accept what goes against their principles as long as they get lots of other things that they want. I'm leaning toward the first theory, but it's possible there's a little bit of both involved.

Joe Dalfonzo

Might it be that a young conservative Christian woman can do them no harm and is therefore an easy target?


Gina's dad wrote: "Might it be that a young conservative Christian woman can do them no harm and is therefore an easy target?"

Hmmm - I know a young conservative Christian woman (and you know her far better than I) who can express an opinion in blog form and rile people up around the world.

In fact, Miss California went to the media to plead her case, in much the same way.

In a way, Joe, I hope they keep seeing these women as "easy targets". First, that points out their cowardice in not attacking "hard targets" instead. Second, the hard targets - at least, those with a sense of chivalry - can respond on the women's behalf, with a bit of shock and awe.

Gina Dalfonzo

That's right . . . we only LOOK harmless. ;-)


I especially love how some want to use the argument that Miss USA represents "all" Americans... um, and who exactly do the president and vp represent?

I am still torn over the whole beauty pageant thing, though... I can't imagine a Christian woman or man for that matter parading around in public in a scanty swimsuit... that resembles exactly underwear.

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