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April 13, 2009

The gift of perspective

Perry Kenny Perry, the golfer who was poised to become the oldest Masters winner ever, nearly broke my heart with his loss in the playoff yesterday. Or so I thought at the time. It took some wise words from the man himself to help me get my perspective back:

"I'll look back the rest of my life saying what could have been. But I'm not going to go there. Because if this is the worst thing that happens in my life, my life's pretty good," said Perry, who was down to his last penny 24 years ago when his church lent him $5,000 to keep chasing his golf dream. Since then, improving at a brutally slow rate, but always trending upward, he has won 13 PGA Tour events, $28 million and built a scholarship fund for that generous tiny-town church that now sits at $1.4 million.

"I got my mom struggling with cancer. My dad [85 years old] is struggling. I got a lot of people who are hurting now. And here I am playing golf for a living and having the time of my life," said Perry, who was adored by the crowd all weekend.

Of course, after reading that, I wished more than ever that he could have won. But with an attitude like that, even if he never wins a major for the rest of his life, both Perry and his fans will have reason to be proud and satisfied.
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Diane Singer

I don't follow golf much, but I'm glad to know Kenny Perry's name. Now, I'll know who to root for!! Thanks for sharing his wise words.


The multiplication effect, when the church gave Kenny money to pursue his dream, it came back pressed down, shaken and overflowing.Amen


A great and wonderful argument for "microloans" or "microgifts"!!!

i.e. giving someone a chance to pursue a venture, a dream...by giving or loaning them a fairly modest sum.

What a great return on that money!!!

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